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Platinum Edition Features Memo to Me Platinum Edition adds many very useful capabilities to the Internet's #1 reminder site. In fact, with Platinum Edition, Memo to Me becomes more than just a reminder service. It's your hub for staying connected while away from your computer. Click here to join now!

Some of the added capabilities of the Platinum Edition include:

    Find out about new email when you're on the road or away from your computer! Memo to Me's new Email Notification Service automatically checks your current email account and, if there are any new messages, forwards them off to another email address, your pager, or your mobile phone. Click here for more details about this new service.

    Receive reminders when you're away from your computer! The Platinum Edition sends reminders directly to your mobile phone or pager. In addition, the Platinum Edition reduces the size of wireless reminders to make them easier to read.

    Have your reminders sent to as many email addresses, pagers, or phones as you want! Setup email addresses for your home and your office. Add your friends' and family's email addresses so you can also remind them about important events.

    Choose where you want to be notified about each event! Send birthday reminders to your home, meeting reminders to your office, and appointment reminders to your pager.

    Send reminders to other people! Remind your co-workers to send in their status reports, your team about the soccer game this week, and your spouse about the dentist appointment today.

    To help defray the cost of maintaining the Free Edition, reminder messages contain advertising. As a Platinum Edition member, you'll receive ad-free reminder messages.

    As a Platinum Edition member, you will be able to select between HTML or plain text reminder emails for each email address on your account.

    As a Platinum Edition member, your reminder descriptions will appear as the subjects of your reminder emails. You'll be able to quickly see what you're being reminded about without having to open and read each email.
For more details on the differences between the Free Edition and the Platinum Edition, see the feature comparison chart.
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