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Forgotten Password The vast majority of email we receive is from people who have forgotten their passwords. Please do not email us to recover your password. There is a password recovery link on the login page. Here is another copy of that link:

Click here if you forgot your login name or password.

If you believe that you're entering your password correctly, but it's still being rejected, then make absolutely sure that you're entering BOTH your password AND LOGIN NAME exactly as they appear in the password recovery email you received. Many people mistakenly enter their email address as their login name even when they didn't set up their account that way.

I have not forgotten my login name or password.

Email Address Changed If you have a new email address, simply log into your account and click the Change My Settings link on the left side of the page.

The Change My Settings page allows you to update any aspect of your account, including your Email Address, Login Name, Password, Time Zone, etc.

I do not need to update my email address, login name, password, or any other account setting.

Missing Reminders Missing reminders are always caused by buggy spam filters. This is not an exaggeration. We have investigated dozens of these cases, and the results have always been the same. Because of this, we no longer look into these issues. If you're not receiving your reminders, then please try the following:
  • Visit the Change My Settings page, and verify that you entered your email address correctly.

  • Add to your address book and, if necessary, your spam filter's white list.

  • If you're using one of those annoying services that require your friends to validate themselves just to send you email, please add to your white list.

    In addition to blocking spam, Challenge/Response style spam blockers (like EarthLink spamBlocker,, PeoplePC spaminator, and others) also annoy your friends and block important messages such as Memo to Me reminders, online order confirmations, etc.

  • If you're not running a spam filter, then your ISP (Internet Service Provider) might be running one behind your back. Please contact them directly regarding your missing email.
My question does not involve missing reminders.
Contact Us If the frequenly asked questions don't address your issue, then please verify that you've read them by checking the boxes and click here to email us.
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