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Memo to Me is the Internet's #1 reminder service. Join today and never miss a birthday, anniversary, or appointment again! Best of all, it's FREE!

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Use Memo to Me at home to remind yourself and your family about important occasions.

  Remind yourself about your anniversary
  Remind your family about Grandma's birthday
  Remind your soccer team about the upcoming game
  Remind your spouse to take out the trash


Use Memo to Me at work to remind yourself and your co-workers about meetings and deadlines.

  Remind yourself about a meeting with a client on Friday
  Remind your co-workers about the weekly status meetings
  Remind the sales people to send in their monthly sales projections
  Remind the people on your project about an upcoming deadline


Get your Memo to Me reminders even when you're away from your computer!

Just because you're traveling or haven't checked your email in a while is no excuse to miss an important event. With Memo to Me Platinum Edition, you can have your reminders sent to your pager or mobile phone so you'll never forget your daughter's recital, that big meeting with a new client, or to take your medicine.

Have your personal email automatically forwarded to your mobile phone or pager!

Memo to Me's new Email Notification Service, which comes for free with your Platinum Edition membership, automatically checks your current email account and, if there are any new messages, forwards them off to your pager or mobile phone. Click here for details.


There are more reasons to join Memo to Me than its great features alone.

  Strict privacy protection
We will never, ever, under any circumstances, share your email address with anyone. Joining Memo To Me will not cause you to receive more spam.
  Unmatched dependability
Memo To Me has been available to the public since 1998. You will not be left stranded one day because Memo To Me has suddenly closed up shop.
  Rock solid reliability
The Memo To Me servers are monitored 24 hours a day in a state-of-the-art facility with five redundant Internet connections, a water-free fire suppression system, and multiple diesel generators.

If you're still not convinced that Memo to Me is the best reminder site on the Internet, sign up and take it for a spin. It's FREE!

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